April 15, 2012

Repainting a Painting

We have been in debates as to wether or not to repaint my original painting that I did a few weeks ago.  Dustin said there was just something about it that didn't speak to him.  As I said before, he is not much of a complainer and just kinda' goes with the flow.  So, I thought I should give it another go and see what I can come up with. 

Here is the current painting...

I hopped on the internet to see what would inspire me and this is what I found...

Option #1


I adore seahorses!  I think they are so cute, so I would love to be able to create something fun and whimsical.  Maybe a few sea horses gliding across the painting, hmm.

 Option  #2

Option #3
I have seen this amazing painting all over the internet in the last few months.  Just gorgeous and it has the colors of my living room.  The chartreuse, white, brown, and turquoise. 

 Option #4

Surf 12.5" X 18.25" Print, --- JP 0071
This is the type of painting that I usually create.  Very whimsical, swirls, scrolls, and circles.  So who knows, since it comes more natural to me, I may stick with what I paint best!

 Option #5

Green Octopus
 How awesome is this Octopus?  If I went with painting the octopus, mine would definitely be more abstract, working with more of the shapes and not the shading. Why?  Cause I couldn't even begin to paint something with this depth of character!  But this guy is definitely a Contender.  Dustin said the Octopus is more manly than the Oyster!


This one is not in the line up, but he looks just like our dog Dozer just chillin' on the beach, I couldn't pass up posting it ;-)

So, now I am heading outside to repaint my painting.  What Option do you think I went with?  Come back soon and see which one I picked! 



  1. Hi Helen, you have my maiden name and my family was from Wales, we think. Good luck with your fence! That's quite a job! I'm your newest Linky follower. Hope you follow me.