July 14, 2013

Dining and Living Room Transformation

I hope you had a great weekend!  Is it just me or is summer flying by for you?  It's seriously the middle of July and I feel like the kids just got out for summer break yesterday.  This coming week is a mix of things for us.  We are finishing up painting a client's home and installing the finishing touches on Friday.  The kiddos bathroom is just about complete. FINALLY!!! 

So to finish things off my daughter and I are going to have a little fun painting today and I am going to do two pieces of artwork for the bathroom.  I am hoping to share pics later this week on the DIY Artwork and Bathroom Makeover.  

For the Design Board side of things, I completed the last portion of a first floor home makeover that I am excited to share today.  

I have been working with Anna for several months now, helping her transition her home into something she truly enjoys coming home to.  Anna wanted the living room/dining room side of the house to be a little more of an adult space.  She wanted it to be simple yet classy.  This is the Design Package I created for her...

Living Room Space

Dining Room Space

I always have a lot of fun putting together design packages, but this one turned out to be one of my top favorites.  I think maybe because of the color combination and feel of the different wood finishes that make it feel like such a warm place to be.

The great thing about her design is that it is a low budget makeover.  

Here's a little look at some of the pieces that I chose for the dining and living room space...

Sawyer 1-Light Pendant

The wall art for the dining room...

Antique Resin Tile Wall Sculpture -  Distressed

And the wall art for the living room...

Leaf Burst Wall Sculpture
Three of these guys will go over the sofa.

I also love the pillows for the space!

Throw Pillow Cover. Decorative Throw Pillows. 18x18 pillow covers. Tan Ikat Pillow ONE 18x18 printed fabric on front and back

Decorative Pillow- 20x20 Purple Pillow-  Lavendar pillow, Cream Pillow, Geometric Pillow

Here are a few of the wood finishes that I think go well together...

A coffee brown side table that will add a little funkiness to the living room area.  

  A really lovely two toned brown sideboard to store all the dishware for the dining room.

white dining table

And to finish the space off, I suggested that Anna paint her existing dining table in white.

Threshold™ Slipper Chair - Yellow/White Trellis

Two of these golden yellow patterned chairs will add extra seating to the space while also bringing in a nice geometric pattern.  

So how will all this furniture and accessories be arranged?

Here is the Room Layout that I think will best suite the space...

And here are both Design Boards again...

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Design Board Package.

If you would like a Design Board Package for your home, please contact me at seasideinteriors01@gmail.com.


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