March 15, 2016

Before and After Lavender Dresser Makeover for a Teen's Bedroom!

Today, I wanted to share some of the photos on the dresser project from Lacey's teen bedroom makeover.    We had a budget for the space and we knew we had to reuse some items, DIY as much as we could, and find some things second hand.  The dresser was a big savings at $50.  My mum and sister eyed it at a local flea market.  Once they sent me the picture, I knew it was the one I wanted for her room.  My favorite part of it was the shape of the front!  It reminded me of waves or ripples in water.  You can see the before and after HERE.

The Dresser

The before was a green and brown sort of funky piece and I liked that they opted for ribbons as the drawer pulls.  I wanted to take it a different route and bring out the details with a soft lavender and new hardware.

Here's what we did...

First we flipped over the unit and cut off the very short legs or lack there of.  We wanted to keep the detail on the legs, but weren't able to match it up with the new legs we were adding.
See the detail on the dresser above?  Since we couldn't find legs locally that was the same width as the base, we went with straight legs.  We had to move the legs further in underneath the unit since the base plate we used would have been noticeable on the outside. 

You can see above on the back left corner that we cut the four corners flush with the dresser.  You can see the metal base plates in the pic below that we used to screw in the wood legs.  I picked these up at Lowes.

The dresser was extremely low to the ground before we added the legs.  Just by adding the legs we lifted it up another 4 or 5 inches.  Huge difference!

After that, I sanded all the drawers and the dresser and wiped it all down to get rid of any dust or debris.  Then I proceeded to paint, which meant after approximately 60 seconds Dustin couldn't handle my painting technique, so Dustin took over painting...

The picture above was after the first coat.  Dustin then headed back upstairs to work on the headboard wall, so I went back outside and put a second coat on and we let it dry outside for the rest of the day.

Once the drawers were dry, I added these drawer handles that I found at Homegoods.  They were from the Tommy Bahama line.  I thought the white jute rope would tie in nicely with the sea grass baskets and some other somewhat nautical pieces.
P.S. Don't put the hardware on when your husband says it needs to dry another day.  Wait for him to go to work and quietly do it without him noticing ;)  

So we let everything dry at least another 24 hours before we put the drawers back in the dresser.  Or maybe I tried the drawers in the dresser to see how lovely it looked once or twice and then took them back out to dry, so no one could tell me off! ;)

And viola, we had a finished dresser for the room...

Hope you liked the makeover!

Have a great day and thanks for stoppin by!!


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