January 09, 2014

BEFORE and AFTER on the Savage Drive Townhouse Rental FLIP: Kitchen

I have always wanted the chance to get my feet wet in Flipping a Home to sell or rent out and recently I got the opportunity to do it on a small scale.  We had about 4 weeks from start to finish to get the job done and all though there where not any major plumbing changes, etc.  The Before and After of the kitchen and bathrooms were quite significant!  Today I will share the biggest change in the space: the KITCHEN.

The Layout of the town house is a regular two story home with kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and living room downstairs and then two bedrooms and full bath upstairs.

Let's take a look at the LOVELY new Kitchen and the umm, NOT so lovely BEFORE...

THE Kitchen

Here's What we started with...

AND  this is how it turned out!  I really love how everything looks.  

Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter for the all the walls throughout the Home.  All the lighting was from Lowes and Home Depot.

 The wall before blocked the view from the kitchen and made it very dark in there, so the kitchen was opened up to make room for a bar and 2 new pendant lights.

Let's take a little look back and see the wall coming down...

Nearly There...

And Viola!

Also, the tile is the same tile I have used in my home.  It is called Mitte Gray. You can find it at Lowes (Here) for a great price!  It has slight variation in it to give it enough interest while still keeping the solid gray feel overall.  I chose white grout for my house, but since this is a rental property, we went with a putty finish similar to the walls.  The tile was brought from the kitchen to the dining area and down the hall to the front door.  For a rental property that is getting a lot of use, why not lose the carpet in the high traffic areas all together?  That way, when you come in with groceries, etc. on rainy days, you can walk straight through to the kitchen without touching carpet.  

The bar top goes all the way around and down the wall to allow enough space for a small microwave or other appliance.  The breakfast bar is wide enough to accommodate chairs so you could easily fit two stools on either side to create a space for four people.

 Instead of replacing the cabinets and costing the client thousands, a shaker style wood frame was added to the current doors and then the doors were painted Benjamin Moore's White Dove and finished with new hinges and hardware.

Here you can see a closer shot of the woodwork.  The only piece of wood that was replaced is the panel above the doors.  The original had gouged and missing pieces of wood, so a new single panel was created and put in its place.  New tile was laid throughout the kitchen and new laminate counters were added to finish it off.

Previous Laminate Flooring throughout the kitchen, before the Tile was put in.

Old Yellowy Counters made way for new laminate counter tops...

The counter tops come prefabricated at Lowes or Home Depot to fit the standard set up for a kitchen.  Since the bar counter was custom made (see the pic. below), they had to glue a sheet of the same laminate down to the top and then finish off with a piece around the edges...

 Lots of work for the crew, but they always pull through and get it done quickly!!!  Great job guys!!

And some more of the finished kitchen...

Some new hardware and silver hinges instead of old dingy rusty ones finish off the cabinets.

Thanks for stopping in and seeing the progress!

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  1. I love the new look, with that bar you gained extra counter space and another eating area. it looks great!

  2. Thank you so much, I was so excited with how it turned out :)