November 09, 2013

River Drive Project: Before Photos of the Family Room Demo

Over the past couple weeks, I have been working on the beginning phases of a project for a client who wants to turn her home into a Getaway!  Particularly, a Greek Mediterranean Getaway.  So to get started, the contractors and I have gone over everything and the demo phase has begun.

I never thought when getting into decorating that being a project manager would become a large part of my job, but on the past several projects I have had the opportunity to take the reins and oversee the project from start to finish.  I'd have to say keeping everything balanced, running on time, and all the while keeping everyone happy are the major factors for having the job run smoothly.

So let's take a look at some of the BEFORE photos I took of the family room space on my first meeting with my client..

Family Room

This area looks out not only on to an Amazing water view, but also to the future home of their horse pasture.
This is the place that the client's spend most of their down time, so they want it to to be relaxing and have areas where they can sit and drink their morning coffee or snooze.

So looking at this room, what are some must do for demo going to be?  The tile floor for sure, the rug inlay, and the switch out of the frog lights for more recessed lights.  Also, the old chandeliers will be gone and in its place possibly two new ceiling fans and maybe even some wood beams along the ceiling.

We have some awesome plans for the huge nook area to the back left of the room.  Can't wait to share that with you!!

Of course all new window treatments, but nothing that will cover the view!

On the right wall in this area, there will soon be a bump out so that we can make a little extra room in the kitchen.  The square layout will then turn into an L shaped hallway.  Also, the archways may not be a keeper on your list, but if you are creating a home with a Greek Mediterranean style, you may just want to keep em.  Ya know, Character and all!!

 The missing tile you are looking at is where there was originally a partition wall by the old front door.  Did I mention that this house has been added on to over time?  The contractors are finding various signs of previous additions to the original home.  The original home was in fact: A HOT DOG STAND!!!  I don't know why, but I love fun facts like that.  

The fireplace will be overhauled with fresh white paint, a new mantel, base tile, and a river rock insert. 


Out with the old tile...

And soon to be new Timberline Flooring in Lumberjack.

Here's an example in a kitchen space of the flooring...

Don't miss tomorrow for the Before Shots and Demo Photos of the Kitchen.  Plus in the next week, I will be doing an AMAZING giveaway!!  So don't forget to check back in!

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