December 11, 2012

Holiday Decorating and Lights: Part 1!

Happy Holidays

The outdoor lights are now complete thanks to my husband.  I kept my feet firmly on the ground since last year I went flying off a ladder only to land on my neighbor who was tryin' to catch me, lol.  No one was severely injured, thank goodness :)
So Dusty worked hard on all of his lights while I took care of inside stuff.  Since Christmas is about the kiddos, my daughter won out in the lights color for the main tree.  She said, "white is not a color."  "Please oh please can we do colored lights?"  So that is what is now on the tree.  My white lights got bumped to the smaller tree only to find out that I was missing all of my white lights.  If you were wondering like I was where they went, well apparently outside on all the little bushes.   So I picked up a few more sets and finished off some of the inside decorating.
I love the idea of whole coffee beans as a decorative element!
Don't miss my next post which will be part 2 of the holiday decorating and on Friday, make sure to stop in for my FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!  It will be a great chance to win something that you can give as a Christmas gift to a loved one or well, if you love it like I do, just keep it for yourself ;-)



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