August 20, 2012

Before/After Fabric Bench Makeover

Sometimes when I look at decor, I like the simple feel of a piece and other times, I feel that I need to add a little something to it to finish it off.  Well, when I went searching for a bench for the base of a client's king size bed, I came across this...

I thought it would fit in the room well, but I wanted to give the client a more comfortable spot to sit.  So I gathered a few materials.

Material List

Polyfill Batting
Spray Adhesive
Nail Heads

 I used 7/16 in. nail heads in silver.  I purchased these at Joanne's Fabric, but if you are in need of a larger amount, purchasing online is much cheaper!

 I use this guy on a lot of projects.  I get mine at Walmart, but most fabric store sell it.

This is the batting that lays over the foam base to soften the edges of the foam. 


I ironed my material on the backside, since my design on top was a felt material.

 Then I sprayed the bench with the adhesive before I put the foam down.

I bent my piece of foam in half, sprayed the foam again, where the other half came down on top, and then, read carefully, this is technical stuff... 

 I sat on the bench, very important step, ;-)   I sat in different places on the bench for a couple minutes, just to make sure the foam was stuck down well.

 A little closer shot of the sandwich effect!

 Step number I don't know I haven't been counting,  throw your batten on top of your foam and throw a little adhesive on top for good measure. 

Then add material and when you gather enough strength, hold everything tight and flip the whole thing over.

 Take your staple gun and pull the fabric, not too tight, but tight enough and staple all down one side. Go to the other side and do the same, then staple the short ends. 

Go back and look to make sure you don't need a few staples anywhere else.
When you're finished, cut off any excess material and batting, oh, and I forgot to mention, I used an Exacto knife to cut it down even closer.

Flip the bench back over and
then take these guys...

and your hammer and go to town nailing all the way around.

 Stand back and admire and tell the bench how pretty she looks! 
What, you don't talk to your furniture, they're just like plants you know, lol! 

And that's it, a beautiful fabric covered bench :)


  1. oh lala!!! This is a wonderful piece for the end of a bed or under a window! How did you fold/crease the corners? Is that a newly purchased bench or a used one? How much would you say the whole project cost? I would love to see if I can budget one. Because you made it "look" so easy, I may just try!

    Thanks, Mary

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for commenting :) The corners are always the trickiest, sometimes I make a crease and other times, like for this bench, I just staple the piece of fabric on either side of the corner and then pull the corner a little tighter and run any creases out with your finger and fold the fabric underneath and staple. THe bench was new, but you can find a second hand one for a lot cheaper. The total project cost me around $60, and the bench was $40. The rest of the cost was for the fabric, batting, foam, and spray adhesive.

  2. thank you for the great tutorial I'm going to have to try that on my old chair :)

    1. you are so welcome :) I would love to see the chair when you're all done!

  3. I loved your every step to complete the bench. And I think, it's really easy process as well and anyone can try it. My some friend have old pieces and I think this idea can be great for their existing new white furniture and more over they would be glad to have it. Would love to be here again.